Although equipment is not a substitute for hard work and strong fundementals, it certainly is an essential element of quality sound production.



I can’t say enough great things about Jody Espana and his products.  This company is passionate about manufacturing high quality mouthpieces and providing quality customer care.  There is a mouthpiece for every player and every style!  I play the Giant which is the brain-child of George Garzone.


MARCA Reeds has been around for more than 60 years.  This French reed manufacturer grows the finest cane in the VAR region of southern France, which results in excellent quality and an amazingly consistent reed.  There is a specific climate which creates the perfect humidity and soil temperament.  This results in a very stable reed.  Read more about their manufacturing process here.

Rampone & Cazzani

This is one of the best sopranos that I have ever played.  It has excellent intonation and tone.  Rampone & Cazzani are using a special blend of metals to create a very unique sound quality.  These sopranos feel more “solid” than some other brands.  The horn is absolutely beautiful!  It has vintage 24K gold plating and very detailed engraving inspired by the very famous church towers in Italy. 

Your Voice – Your Choice!

In the end, it’s ultimately about finding your voice.  Find the equipment that matches your horn, fingers, concept and style of playing.  A one size fits all is not a good approach to developing your sound.  Joe Henderson had a very dark sound and style.  The other end of the spectrum is David Sanborn.  Both are beautiful players and yet very different.  Neither artist is wrong, just different.  This equipment has worked for me.